life along the scenic route

Welcome To

Our Neck of

The Woods


Jones Falls

Skip the expressway and stay awhile. Nature has reclaimed much of the area’s historic milling roots, and the new growth provides a lush backdrop to interesting historical institutions (check out the Baltimore Streetcar Museum), serpentine paths (great for walkers and cyclists), and even a secret waterfall (ask for Round Falls).


Its iconic Heron sign can be seen from I-83, but on the ground, Mill No. 1 is a serene escape from its city surroundings.

Buzzing with an on-site oyster restaurant and an artisan marketplace, Whitehall Mill brings the best of what’s local home to enjoy.

The Neighborhood

An Unsung Oasis

Steps from our mills is the Jones Falls Trail (JFT), a 10-mile path made for walking, running, biking, blading, and soaking up the scenery. Head east and you’re only minutes from Wyman Park, home to the Dell and the renowned Baltimore Museum of Art. 


Of course, if you’re hungry after a day of exploring, it’s only blocks in nearly every direction to some of the city’s best restaurants.

The History

Mt. Vernon Mill

Nearly 200 years of industry predate our current eco-friendly setting. Our mills were originally built to be workhorses, and over the years, they’ve been refitted to produce heaps of sailcloth, model trains, and styrofoam. Today, we preserve and repurpose the mills’ industrial elements to create a sustainable future for these buildings, now on the National Register of Historic Places.